Chocolate Macaroons & Nutella Buttercream

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Chocolate hazelnut macaroons, so decadent! This recipe has a few more steps than my lemon macaroons. This is to make sure that no lumps and bumps are added from the cocoa into the super light macaroon shells.

(Find lemon macaroon recipe here

Macaroon Shell;

115g (1 cup + 1/4 cup) ground almonds

230g (1 cup + 1/2 cup) icing sugar/confectioners

15g (2 tbsp) cocoa powder

144g (1/2 cup) egg whites

72g (1/4 cup) caster sugar

§ Pre heat the oven to 150 C/ 300F

§ Pulse the almonds, icing sugar and cocoa in a blender

§ Sift this mixture twice. Make sure to discard any hard residue left in the sieve

§ Whisk the egg whites and caster sugar. Do this for 2 mins on a low speed, increase for 2 mins on a medium speed and finally for 2 mins on a high speed.

§ Fold the eggs into the almond mixture. Lifting and folding rather than stirring keeps the air in the mixture.

§ Pipe out the mixture onto a lined baking tray, using a large star nozzle. You can either use a macaroon mould, a printable template or make your own template by drawing circles on greaseproof paper.

§ Bang the tray on the kitchen counter 5 times.

§ Leave for 30 mins. You are aiming for shiny shells!

§ Bake for 16 mins or until the shells do not wobble

§ Remove from the tray straight away to avoid sticking

Nutella Buttercream;

200g (3/4 cup) unsalted butter

400g (2 cups + 3/4 cup) icing sugar/ confectioners sugar

300g (1 cup) Nutella

2 tbsp heavy cream

§ Beat the butter until soft

§ Add icing sugar slowly on a medium speed until fully incorporated

§ Add Nutella and cream until combined

§ Pipe into half the macaroon shells and sandwich together


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